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Are you ready to feel like a confident, capable and unshakeable leader?

If you say "YES", coaching is the right answer for your goals. 

Let' schedule your Introduction Coaching Strategy Call click the button below.

During the call we will explore your current challenges, roadblocks and goals.

Then we can determine areas for change. Click Schedule a call now.

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Are Ready To Thrive In

Your Career & Life?

I am coaching professionals...

  • Feel Confident, Empowered & Influential 

  • Be an inspiration in their own life

  • Stop feeling 'stuck' and directionless

  • Recognise & own their unique gifts

  • Achieve fulfilling & successful careers

Hi, I am Bahar

I am a professional coach specializing in helping people discover their potential and maximize their impact on their lives.


My core personal values ​​are curiosity, exploration, growth and energy. By building my coaching practice on my personal values, I can help you act with confidence towards your goals and aspirations.




One-on-one coaching - Group Coaching – Providing Courses & Training


In coaching programs I help you get rid of confusion, frustration and dissatisfaction.

You will regain your power and control, and create the life you have dreamed of for years.

Together, we will reveal what the beliefs are that prevent you from living your "best life". 

I am here to accompany you, hold your hand, support you every step of the way.

A sample of focus areas we could start with are: Self-confidence, Career Development, Building motivation and Strengthening relationships.

"My mission is to help people become their best with confidence, joy and balance so they can live the full life they deserve."


   ⦁    You have great ideas but can't find the necessary motivation?
   ⦁    Not reaching your potential in business life ?
   ⦁    Do you feel insecure in your relationships ?
   ⦁    Do you not believe in yourself and that you will be successful ?
   ⦁    Do you always find yourself delaying what you want to do?
   ⦁    Can't find the courage to make decisions ?
   ⦁    Can't make decisions because nothing is perfect enough ?



If you say YES to one or more of these, I'm here to help!

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​⦁    Your internal and external awareness of yourself will increase.
⦁    You will begin to bring your performance closer to your potential .
⦁    You will develop new perspectives in life, your environment and yourself .
⦁    You will be able to take action to achieve your goals .
⦁    You will be able to make bold decisions that match your values .
⦁    You will notice the patterns of thought and behavior that limit you and take steps to change them.
⦁    By taking action, you will increase your self - confidence.
⦁    You will create a positive and compassionate language in communication with yourself .


Client Testimonials

Until I worked with Bahar, I did not know much about the concept of coaching. I started suddenly with the advice of a friend of mine. After the past 4-5 months, I can say that I'm glad I started. The last few months have been quite challenging and I think that what I learned and questioned about myself during this process was much higher while coaching with you. It was probably the time when my thoughts about myself were most intense. People can suffocate themselves in life sometimes and they struggle and cannot move forward. At this stage, I think we are trying to clarify my path by talking together, questioning what I actually want to do or what motivates me the most. Likewise, I would like to say that I can interpret what pulled me down and what carried me up, the ties between them more meaningfully, and that I can evaluate and neutralize the things that will pull me down and try to move on. I think I increased my stamina after getting to know myself. It makes me happy to maintain my own endurance and try to solve it within myself, and see that I succeed as a result, when I have to overcome one after another in my life. Apart from these, what I especially want to say is that you usually pull me up in the sessions. I get nervous, nervous or tired when starting most of the sessions. Afterwards, I am more thoughtful, more relaxed and smiling. Thank you for this last part.

Pinar S.

Start Private Coaching Today!

To schedule your free 30min Strategy Call click the button below.

During the call we will explore your current challenges, roadblocks and goals.

Then we can determine areas for change. Click Schedule a call now.

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