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Do you want to exceed your limits, become powerful and reach your goals ?

One to One Coaching

What is Coaching? 

 Coaching is a deep transformation process in which we raise our awareness and develop new ways of thinking . 

It takes a while for the behavioural changes to occur and the person to notice the change. 

Coaching is not suitable for people who expect instant and miraculous changes.

After the preliminary evaluation and the first free chemistry session, we determine how long we will work together in the light of your goals, with a roadmap that is completely customized for you. 

Coaching Service That Last 

​Sessions primarily given online through video/audio platforms like Zoom.  If the location is suitable, we can also do it face to face, taking into account the pandemic conditions. While the discovery session lasts about 90 minutes; the duration of the next sessions is 45 minutes. A two-week period between coaching sessions is ideal.  This period is important in terms of awareness, exercises and completion of commitments between two sessions. 

How long will the coaching last?

Coaching is a process where we grow by breaking our moulds and acquire new thinking habits. In a way, it is a process where we transform our mentality. This process aims to increase the person's awareness and behavioural changes.
According to ICF “The length of a coaching partnership varies depending on the needs and preferences of the individual or team. For some types of focused coaching, it can work for three to six months. For other types of coaching, people may find it helpful to work with the coach for longer periods of time. Factors that can affect the length of time are: types of goals, the way individuals or teams work, the frequency of coaching meetings, and financial resources available to support coaching.


Birebir Koçluk

Philosophy of My Coaching Service

My coaching service is based on the principles of Co-Active® Coaching . Co-Active Coaching was developed by CTI, the World's Most Preferred Coaching School. 

Co-Active® Coaching balances the two opposite forces of human nature: "to be" and "to". There are two parts at the core of coaching. 

Be; Increasing your self-awareness is about being more conscious and being aware of what is happening in your life, what you want to change and where you want to go. More is about gaining clarity, focus and direction.
Isn't it self-explanatory? It is dynamic, task-oriented and stimulating. It's about committing to act and change according to our actions.
Now imagine that the coaching process is a bridge between these two parts. 

Coaching; It connects our state of being (our awareness of yourself, your vision, and your goals) and the way we do it (motivation towards our goals, acting with a burning desire, taking steps, our actions). 

Thus, balance is achieved in our lives. These two states must be in balance together in order to make conscious choices and live a fulfilled life.


Everyone is naturally creative, fully resourced and whole. 

I do not provide the answers; I help you reveal your solutions and strategies. 

With the people I work with; I aim to create a comfortable, fun and creative environment.

I love to discover what is best with my clients and support them constantly.

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