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Do you want to exceed your limits, become powerful and reach your goals ?

Hello, I'm Bahar!


I am a marketing professional, professional coach, instructor and speaker who believes in the power human stories.


More than 10 years, I have been continuing my marketing career by developing brand strategy, communication campaigns and product innovation projects for both national and global brands.


Asking my questions like "Who am I?", "What kind of life do I want?" leaded me to look for answers in my life. I was the first client of me in my coaching practice. I learn self-coaching and I have seen the changes and transformations in my life.


Now, by coaching and providing training, I help individuals unlock their potential and increase their self-awareness.


Coaching is a tool for me to create a more inspiring world. In my coaching practice, I use models and theories such as positive psychology, mindfulness, and transactional Analysis.


I graduated from Middle East Technical University (One of the top universities of Turkey), Department of Economics. I completed the "Marketing Academy" program of Koç University, which is a Micro-MBA program, in 2017. I completed the 104-hour "Professional Coaching Training" of the world's most preferred coaching school CTI (Co-Active Training Institute).


I have the ACC (Associate Associate Certified Coach) title given by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).


Ever since I know myself, I have enjoyed meeting new people, listening to them and having deep conversations. I always strive for the true and deep meaning behind what is said, not just what comes out of people’s mouths. I have always been a person who enjoyed asking questions to myself, but because of my hard work and professional life, I had a hard time going from mind to deep into my heart. 

Coming from the corporate world I have seen many people (including myself), no matter how successful they are, are not satisfied - “not fully felt”. I want to help people change this. My background is in building and nurturing brands. We, as unique individuals, each have our own brand within us. For many years as a Marketer I had it in my mind that people need to realise what drives them and focus more on building their own personal brand. 

I began to ask myself "Who am I?", "What kind of life do I want?" and this led me to hiring a Coach to find the answers to these questions. As my self-awareness increased, I saw what I needed in my life and worked on the transformation. I started to value my logical and speaking mind and reduce my dependence on my intuition. After being coached a light bulb went off and I decided I wanted to help people transform their lives and become a Coach myself. It just made sense as the combination of my professional background and my personal attributes of being overly caring and talkative was perfect for coaching.  
I believe we can all find the happiness we need if we can all unleash our energy, our potential to live our life to the fullest. I aim to encourage and empower as many people as I can to reach their potential through being there as their Coach.


"My mission is to help people learn to become themselves with confidence, joy and consistency so they can start living a life full of satisfaction."

⦁    ICF Accredited @ the World's top coaching school CTI (Co-Active Training Institute)
⦁    Adler, TA Institute Transactional Analysis diploma
⦁    Koç University, Marketing Academy Program
⦁    Middle East Technical University, BA Economics

⦁    Professional Confidence Coach
⦁    Professional Career Coach
⦁    Professional Relationship Coach

⦁    Self-leadership ability
⦁    Openness to development and learning
⦁    Internal and external awareness
⦁    Cultural flexibility & Adaptation
⦁    Open and clear communication
⦁    Deep listening











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